You Should Try These Car Cleaning Products:
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You Should Try These Car Cleaning Products:

Your car is subjected to a variety of elements, including dust, mud, bird droppings, and other debris, which can detract from its appearance. A clean car is a happy car, and you should go out of your way to ensure that your vehicle is spotless from top to bottom, inside and out. In this blog post, we will review and elaborate on some of the best car cleaning and detailing products, as well as how you can use them to restore your car’s showroom shine. Believe us! This is going to be a productive Sunday.

Microfibre Cloth

It’s past time to retire those decade-old t-shirts and rags. Although you may not notice it right away, using old tattered rags for cleaning is causing serious damage to your car’s paintwork. Microfiber cloths are a cutting-edge technology that is widely used in professional car cleaning and detailing. Microfiber cloths are a safe and effective way to detail your car without damaging it. We strongly advise you to purchase some high-quality packs of good microfibre cloth.

Car Wash Shampoo

You cannot wash your car with dishwashing liquid or a sachet of hair shampoo. Not unless you want to remove the luster from the paintwork. Get a good car washing shampoo concentrate that is specially formulated and ph balanced to clean and de-grease your car while remaining gentle and harmless to the paintwork. We recommend using a “Wash & Wax” type car shampoo, which not only cleans your car but also leaves a nice glossy sheen on the paintwork.

Car Wax & Polish

The most important part of car cleaning and detailing. Car wax protects the paint from harmful elements while also adding a glossy sheen to the car’s bodywork. A good coat of wax will protect the finish of your car from chips, scratches, and dings, as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. We recommend purchasing a can of premium Carnauba Wax, a naturally occurring wax produced by a Brazilian palm tree. Carnauba wax is the wax of choice for car enthusiasts and detailers and is widely regarded as the ultimate wax base for many car wax formulations.

Dashboard and Trim Shine

Now that the exterior is in order, let’s take a look inside. The dashboard, seats, and other trim pieces are always the first to become filthy. A good dash and trim polish will bring out the deep shine in the plastic and vinyl parts. It also refreshes the upholstery by reconditioning the fabric/leather seats. This is a highly recommended investment for car interior maintenance. For best results, dab a microfibre cloth with polish and gently massage the dashboard.

Tyre Dresser and Cleaner

You may be wondering why you need to clean the tyres when they are constantly on the road and getting dirty. Cleaning the tyres is an important step in car detailing because it adds the finishing touch to the entire process. A tyre dresser also prevents cracking, browning, and premature ageing while giving the tyre a sleek, wet appearance. The most important wheel cleaning tip is to use a product designed specifically for your type of wheel. Scrub away the crud and dirt with an old rag on the tyred dresser to clean the tyres and restore that deep black shine.

Scratch Remover/ Rubbing Compound

For removing swirl marks from previous wax jobs, a scratch remover or rubbing compound is an excellent choice. If your car’s paint has a dull, oxidised finish or has scratches and scuffs, a rubbing compound will remove the scratch and restore the paintwork.

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